6-23-2000I’m thankful for my “birthday.”

I became a Christian on June 23rd, 2000. I was brought into this world on August 26, 1984, and though that day is enjoyed with cake and milk, it is the other date that means more to me. That’s the day that I put on Christ in baptism and was added by the King to His Kingdom.

Since then I have helped many others be added to Christ’s church and I rejoice to see new people be be born again and celebrate new birthdays. Just last month we had four baptisms here at Guy and with each I told them that they would remember the day of their conversion for ever.

Thank God for His Gospel, and for His Grace that saved a sinner like me.

Aren’t you thankful for your birthday? Maybe you haven’t celebrated it yet because you’ve not obeyed the Gospel? Why not come visit us at Guy and let us study with you!