We had a great Sunday yesterday at the Guy church of Christ. I preached my final sermon and though I still have one more class to go, it certainly feels like we’ve reached a point of finality. I can’t help but reflect and consider all our happy memories over the past seven years. And that got me thinking about how it’s important for us to, as the saying goes “enjoy the moment.” Wherever we are and whatever we’re doing we should find the reasons to rejoice in them.

And as we say goodbye we’re thankful that we are taking so many wonderful friendships with us. And that makes me think about how important it is for us to live faithfully and love our neighbors because without that, you’ll have nothing to take with you when you leave.

So, enjoy the moments, because when you leave all you’ll have left are memories. Likewise love your neighbor, because when you leave, memories of you is all they’ll have too.