Every Sunday, following the template of the first Christians in the days and years following the Lord’s resurrection, we gather as brethren in Christ to bring worship to God. We sing, pray, commune with Christ, and hear preaching from the Word of God. For the past few years our preacher has been Matthew Martin. His sermons are topical and to-the-point, offering studies from the Old and New Testaments, putting passages in context and offering application for 21st century living.

Podium at Guy church of ChristOur sermons are planned out a year in advance and follow a pattern: We regularly have sermons devoted to a particular hymn. We have sermons based on subjects for which to pray. We have a monthly series where we study a 12-part topic every first-Sunday night, and we have a Questions & Answers session every third Sunday evening. One of our men preaches to us on Sunday nights at the end of each month, and every three months we have a special Sunday morning “End of Quarter Series.”

There are a lot of different kinds of sermons out there, but we offer a little of everything. Come visit us and encourage us by worshipping and studying with us! In the meantime, you can watch all of our sermons online; just follow the tabs below…

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