old guy buildingI’m thankful for my elders.

We have three who serve this congregation as shepherds. They are good and God-fearing men, conscientious of the needs of the congregation here, as well as the needs of our community.

Ours–Clark Hooten, David Stephens and Floyd Wiedower–are some of the most supportive elders I’ve ever encountered. They are always willing to hear a new idea, or try a new program, anything that might help our church family or better our surrounding neighborhood. None of them are greatly outspoken men; they prefer to lead by example and not word, but their example is godly so we–the church at Guy–follow them happily.

There are many congregations that lack qualified men to serve as elders. Those churches struggle and suffer with substitutions to leadership like having men’s meetings or committees to decide various things, but there’s no substitute for a good eldership. Many congregations have elders who don’t guide the sheep but instead lord over the flock and do more harm than good. Not our elders: They are meek and lowly in heart, like the Master and like the Master calls us to be.

God bless them.