trustobeyWhat a beautiful song is “Trust and Obey”! Often sung as an invitation to lost souls, the words express a gentle nudging by the singers to the one who needs to respond. We tell that one “just step out and make it right. It’s a big commitment but you can do it; it’s worth it! Just trust and obey!”

Too often, however, the one who needs to respond will just grip the pew and wait it out. He will delay and ignore until the song is ended and he can go back to living the way he wants, despite the undeniable prickling in his conscience.

In other words, while we’re singing “trust and obey” what are you–the one who needs to respond–saying?

You’re saying “no way!”

You’re saying “I’m too important to give myself over to God.” You’ve got too much going on, too much to do. If you submit to God your whole life will have to change. You’ll have to make time to worship Him and study His Word on a regular basis. You’ll have to give up the bad habits you’ve picked up over the years. You’ll have to be more considerate of how you spend your money, and plan on giving to God. There’s a lot that changes when a person becomes a Christian; Jesus commands our whole lives, and some people say “no way!”

But it doesn’t matter. There is no plan-B. There is no “door number 2.” You either obey Christ or you go to Hell. That’s the harsh reality of the situation. Being stubborn is not going to change the simple facts. So why fight it? Why say “no way”? Why not say “okay” and do what Christ expects of you!

You can worry about all the new challenges that come with being a Christian but you forget that the pleasures of the world are temporary; the pain of eternal separation is forever. Don’t worry about the challenges; just TRUST and OBEY!


Think about it,
have a great day (hey that rhymes too)