The smith melts down the brass

pours the liquid over the mold;

it hardens, then it cools

till the touch is smooth and cold.


The craftsman chisels fiercely

carving out the shape;

he forms into a lion

and holds it by the nape.


The priestess lays herself

upon the altar bed;

she gives herself to a worshipper

her expression blank and dead.


The parents reach the summit

to toss their child into the fire;

they say they offer gladly

but deep down they are liars.

bowing to buddah

The way of the idol worshipper

is hard and vain and sad;

they cry for help but never

does the idol make them glad.

sad idol

The statue of wood or brass

is a carving made by man;

it can not hear, it can not speak

it has no Master Plan.


To those who follow such idol things

consider a Creator Who is real

He knows your name, knows your needs

and has power to save and heal.