CrossEvery individual was once a perfect man. He was born sinless and for a time lived a sinless, pure life.

Eventually, all men succumbed to temptation (Romans 3:23) and ceased to be pure and sinless. They ceased to be perfect men. God’s vengeance can be carried out against them, but His need for justice could not be wholly satisfied.

The reason is because the one who sinned was a perfect man when he sinned. To execute a now-imperfect man for the sin of a once-perfect man would be an appropriate exercise in vengeance, but not in justice. In order for there to be justice there must be equality. Perfection does not equal imperfection.

Therefore, in order to perfectly satisfy His need for justice, God had to execute a perfect man for the sins of a once-perfect man. However (and look at the way God once again ties up every loose end), it would not be fair for God to execute a sinless child (a child is not a perfect man) nor could any perfect animal satisfy God’s justice (which was the intentional shortcoming in the Law of Moses).

The only way to perfectly satisfy the justice of God is for a perfect man to die. And since there were no perfect men available, God Himself became the only One capable of performing the deed. So…

 For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

 John 3:16

God “loved” the world and offered Christ to die instead of man. No other offering was needed, and no other offering could have sufficed. Though man—in view of his expected condemnation—would certainly have been willing to die for his sins for the hope of eternal life, such a sacrifice would not have been sufficient. The only sacrifice that could have worked was one that came from God to man (not from man to God).


Aren’t you thankful for the sacrifice of Christ for you?!
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