If you’re like me then Wednesday brings an opportunity to gather with brethren and study the Word of God. Some miss out on this blessing, but those of us who a regulars on Wednesday night (about 50-60 of us at Guy, out of the 100 or so who usually worship with us on Sunday mornings) enjoy the benefit of the midweek service.

Then comes Thursday.


Ugh, what a day is Thursday. It’s not Monday or Tuesday, which we slog through because it’s the early part of the week and the weekend feels like an eternity away. It’s not the happy hump day that Wednesday is for many of us. It’s not Friday with its end of workweek festivities. Instead it’s just stuck where it is, teasing you with a full day of work to do but no weekend to show for it. It’s Friday without all the fun. It’s Wednesday without the satisfying Bible study afterwards.

It’s a grind, ya follow me?

But it doesn’t have to be. What can we do to turn Thursdays into a more fulfilling day? How about…

1) Start it with prayer

It might seem simple and maybe it’s something you already do (good!) but if you don’t, let me give you the secret to a happy morning (any day of the week): Prayer. Start your day asking God to bless you with a good one, and patience to endure the challenges that try to make it a bad one. If you do that you’ll find yourself trying to do your part. Little things that might normally bother you are brushed off. Problems that might normally break you, are instead patiently attended to.

2) Find a moment to study a Bible text.

You have a smart phone? Probably you do, if you don’t you surely have a little pocket New Testament. If you have a smart phone, download a Bible app (there are countless free ones available). If you only have a pocket Testament, put that thing in your pocket! Next time you have a free couple minutes, whip it out and study a text. It might be a chapter or just a couple verses, but put your mind in the Word of God and end the short study with thankfulness that God has talked to you and given you a little nudge of encouragement.

3) Sing a song on your lunch break.

Maybe you’re the kind who drives to lunch. Turn off the talk radio, turn off the satellite radio. Belt out a hymn you know by heart (even if it’s “just” Jesus Loves Me). You might get a strange look at the red light but it doesn’t bother you. Neither does the old lady in the Buick who doesn’t know she’s had 10 minutes to turn already. You’ll find not a lot really bothers you when you’re lifting your voice in song. Try it!

4) End it with prayer.

Before you go to bed tired and beaten down from a hard Thursday, pause to thank the Lord that He’s blessed you with the gift of life for one more day. Have a little appreciation that you enjoyed the splendor of His creation for one more day. It will put the challenges of the day in perspective and refocus your mind to spiritual things.


Thursday doesn’t have to be a grind. It can be a blessing if we spend it with our Father.

Think about it,
Have a great day!