220px-FOREST_HILLCHURCHI’m thankful for the Memphis School of Preaching.

That’s the school where for two years I studied at the feet of brilliant and loving preachers and elders. They instructed me in Bible knowledge, and they instructed me in how to prepare and deliver a sermon.

Above all of that, however, they also helped a then-young Matthew grow into a mature Christian man.

All of us can think of those people who have influenced us spiritually over the years. Who is it that touched your spiritual life? Who helped you find the Truth? Who helped you understand the Bible? Who was the “Philip” that guided you through the Bible to help you find Jesus, as Philip did to the Ethiopian in his chariot (Acts 8). Who was your “Ananias and Sapphira” who helped you understand something you were confused about, the way those two helped Apollos (Acts 18).

Too many people are prideful and assume they have all the answers. I’m thankful for teachers who knew more than me, and I hope you are too!