I’ve talked to several people, from multiple states, over the past few years who have expressed frustrations with the congregations where they regularly attend(ed).

More than a few said that, though they never felt like they were losing their faith, they felt like they weren’t growing as they needed to, with the congregation where they regularly worshiped.

So I started thinking about what can be said to help people in situations like that:

I think first, you need to remember that–wherever you worship–you are one sheep among many. You are going to be more mature in the faith than someone, and less mature than someone else. Everyone is different and there are different needs that are going to be met. Sometimes your needs are going to feel ignored, and sometimes yours will be satisfied and someone else may feel ignored. When it comes to sermons, not every 20 minute lesson is going to meet the needs of 100 (or 200 or 300, etc) people. Sometimes the preacher will do a general sermon that everyone can appreciate, but sometimes he has to micro-target, and focus on a particular issue that only some need to hear.

Second, we are all servants of the King and the Lord does not call us to passive Christianity. We are meant to work, to serve, to be active. If we are just going through the motions, plopping in the pew, spacing out for an hour and leaving, week after week, etc, then yes it could be the preacher’s style doesn’t suit you, or it could be that the brethren at that location don’t share a lot of your interests. On the other hand, it could be that you’ve simply grown complacent in your faith and need to rekindle it. On that note…

Third, we need to always keep in mind that our faith is our own, and ultimately we are responsible for its growth. We have to put ourselves in situations where our faith Christ will be strengthened, so that when it is tested, it does not buckle under pressure. I’d seek out Christian peers that share your interests, your faith-level, maybe even your frustrations. “Iron sharpens iron” Solomon writes (Proverbs 27:27), and a good Christian support system can help us overcome the things that may be dragging down our faith, and rekindle the zeal we once had.


Whatever challenges you may be going through, always know that you’re not the first one to struggle with your place in a congregation, or your place in the whole kingdom of God. The key is to find our place, wherever it may be, so that our role in the kingdom will be all that God wants it to be.

God bless