We’re in the midst of a series looking at the lyrics to the song “A Song and a Christmas Tree” (Andy Williams’ spin on “Twelve Days of Christmas”). You can take each of the twelve gifts given in the song and find spiritual application.

The sixth gift given is “little silver bells” and though there is a famous Christmas song with the title “Silver Bells” (originally titled “tinkle bells” for the Bob Hope movie The Lemon Drop Kid) I am more partial to a different song that uses the line “silver bells.”

It’s my sister-in-law Lesleigh’s favorite Christmas song…

The four-note tune was not originally intended to be a Christmas song (lyrics were added later to make it seasonally appropriate) but now it is nearly ubiquitous this time of year with the song’s lyrics inviting the listener to hear the “sweet silver bells” that ring in the holiday season. The song talks about the sound of the (silver) Christmas bells that seem to magically cause us to throw our cares away and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

How sad for those who don’t have Christ; who have to wait until December, when the bells start ringing, to finally throw off their troubles and enjoy their lives. Christians can enjoy their lives year-round because we’ve answered the call, not of Christmas bells, but of the Gospel of Christ. With Gospel salvation we can throw our cares away, forever (1 Peter 5:7).