We’re in the midst of a series looking at the lyrics to the song “A Song and a Christmas Tree” (Andy Williams’ spin on “Twelve Days of Christmas”). You can take each of the twelve gifts given in the song and find spiritual application.

The seventh gift given is “candles a-glowing.” Previously we discussed lights on the Christmas tree, that originally were candles. Apart from that there’s another Christmas tradition that uses candles, and that is the usage of “advent candles.” These are specially-arranged candles that are let each morning and, every day, one fewer candle is lit, counting down until Christmas Eve, when just one candle burns in the house. It was a beautiful and atmospheric way to countdown until Christmas.

Christians aren’t lighting candles, but we are counting down the days until the Lord comes again, although we don’t know when that day will be. Still we know that every day that passes is one day closer to the moment when the clouds will split, the trumpet will sound and the Lord will descend. In Heaven, the candles are glowing and one by one they are taken away until the day comes when the last light is extinguished and then Jesus appears.

What a day that will be!