memorial day

Yesterday, word broke that several brethren who worship in Ukraine were terrorized by armed Russians who stormed into their assembly and took over the facility. They gave the Christians there two hours to remove whatever personal belongings they could with guns pointed at their faces. Other than a few who fainted because of shock, and others who were (naturally) rattled, there was no serious injury. Yet, there could have been.

American Christians often thank God for the freedom we have to worship Him without the fear of attack. Usually those prayers are hollow and lack any specifics in the mind of the one praying. Most of us have never ventured so far removed from America’s borders that the threat of violence against Christians becomes real. Horrible events like what occurred in Ukraine give us a reminder that we as Americans are so blessed to have a freedom to assemble. Soldiers have given their lives to protect that freedom. How shameful it is that brethren squander it, and refuse to assemble regularly with brethren!

The brethren in Ukraine will be meeting at a new location this coming Sunday. They do so knowing there might be another band of lawless thugs ready to traumatize them; they don’t care. They will not let anything stop them from worshiping God, even though they have no “freedom of religion” recognized by their government.

Will you let something stop you from worshiping God?


Think about it,
have a great Memorial Day
and remember to be thankful for those who gave their lives to protect your freedoms.

mem day