old-faithfulAt the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming there rests a geyser that erupts every 90 minutes. Anywhere from four to eight thousand gallons of water, launching some 150 feet in the air flow from the geyser dubbed “Old Faithful.”

It requires no mechanical assistance, no weather anomaly or conditions, no human poking or prodding; on it’s own it does what it does, every 90 minutes. Reliably, consistently, faithfully; that’s Old Faithful.

Many people fret and stress about spiritual faithfulness. Some refuse to become Christians on the presumption that they won’t be able to cut the mustard.

“The life is too hard” they think.
“The expectations are too demanding” they say.

Often, if they become Christians, those questions linger, hindering them from fully investing their lives in Christian service. “What if I…” or “What about…” are common questions you here, usually coming from the idea that “faithfulness” is just too tall a task.

Nonsense. If we couldn’t be faithful Jesus wouldn’t have told us to be (Revelation 2:10). We can do it; we just have to want it.

How? It’s simple…

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Matthew 6:33

First, seek right:

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God…”

Is He the most important Being in your life? Do you consider His Will before making a big decision (or a small one). Do you pause to think “would this please or displease Him” before diving in to some adventure? This doesn’t take time to learn, you’ve grown up doing that. Children are taught by parents “What did I tell you…”  Love-struck teenagers rearrange their entire schedules around in order to spend time with their sweetheart. Adults who manage an income have to be considerate to the needs of their family (wife, children, etc). All our lives we’ve been forced to think about others. God asks that we do the same for Him, and that we think of Him first before thinking of others.

Being faithful isn’t about being perfect; it’s about seeking the One Who is.

Second, do right:

“…and his righteousness…”

Once we have God and His kingdom on our minds, and our hearts and moved to serve Him first, the next step is following through. A child can hear his mother say “what did I tell you…” but it doesn’t matter if the child doesn’t do what his mama told him when the moment comes. A twitterpated teen can think all day about spending the evening with his “best girl” but unless he gets a job, makes some money and can afford to pay for those expensive dates, it doesn’t matter. A dad and mom can budget and plan and prepare all they want, but unless they stick with it they will run out of money before they run out of month. If you’re going to commit to Christ then you have to follow through with it. DO right. It’s not hard; in fact God has made it so simple. He gave us a book with all the information we need for how to live exactly as He expects (2 Peter 1:3). And to top it off, He knows we’re not going to be perfect, so He’s provided His children with a fountain of salvation from which we can constantly drink (1 John 1:7).

Being faithful isn’t about being perfect; it’s about following the One Who is.

Third, trust right:

“…and all these things shall be added unto you…”

The “things” in question are the daily provisions we need to live (food, clothing, shelter–Matthew 6:31:32). God has promised to care for His children. Because He is caring for us we don’t need to be worrying. If we worry we are signaling that we don’t actually trust God to care for us. So don’t worry: Trust. Trust “right” by living as though you trust. A lot of people will say they trust God but their actions contradict their words. Trust Him the right way by living as though you know God will take care of you. Does that mean you can just sit around and God will beam clothes down from Heaven, or rain food from the sky? No. We have to live our lives, obviously. Trust means that we don’t worry whether or not we’re going to make it. We don’t have to worry, when times get hard, whether or not we will be cared for. We will be: God will provide (providentially). We just have to trust Him and keep our eyes open to seeing the help he offers.

Being faithful isn’t about being perfect, it’s about trusting the One Who is.


You CAN be faithful,
have a great day!