stubbornOn Monday we noticed that money is one of those things you can’t take with you. Yesterday we flipped it, and looked at how love is something–in Heaven–that you CAN take with you.

What if Heaven isn’t the final destination of your soul. You better do what you’re supposed to do to ensure that’s not the case, but not everyone will. Some will refuse to obey the Gospel of Christ and at the last day they will hear the King say “depart from me…” (Matthew 25).

Those people who are cast into hell will experience eternity in the dark and departed place, eternally separated from God. Whether or not they were millionaires or impoverished people living on the streets, their money (or lack thereof) is irrelevant; they can’t take it with them.

You know something else you can’t take with you? Stubbornness.

Stubbornness is a big reason why so many people remain lost. They are preached to time and again but for whatever reason they refuse to submit to God. They know what they need to do, they know they have loved ones who wish to see them be saved, but they shrug their shoulders, stomp their foot and refuse.

And being people with free will they are well within their ability to turn away God’s message of hope. But stubbornness only lasts while you live. Once you die and you find yourself in the all of hellish forever, you won’t be stubborn anymore.


Because there’ll be no one there to preach to you, for you to stubbornly refuse. There’ll be no more sermons for you to shrug your shoulders at. There’ll be no more invitations for you to stomp your foot and walk away from. In hell there is no good news to turn away from, therefore there’s nothing to be stubborn about anymore.


Think about that, stubborn fellow, and let it melt your ice cold heart!