faith Another day of Camp is here for us in Hector, Arkansas. Yesterday evening I spoke during the worship hour and discussed the idea “Does Jesus really love me?”

In the morning sessions our young people are studying the word “faith.” Yesterday’s devotional took a look at one aspect of the word that needs to be understood in order to better appreciate it; we considered how faith is all about FINDING.

Today let’s consider how faith is also all about ACCEPTING.

The funny thing about faith is that people tend to think having faith gives you a license to think whatever you want. From that people use the expression “that’s my faith” or “my faith tells me to…” and whatever they say after that is really just their own opinion. That’s not faith; that’s conceit. That’s thinking your way is the best way and hiding behind a buzzword like “faith” in order to justify not having to listen to anyone else.

God, however, has a different idea in mind when He talks about having faith. What He tells us is that faith is about accepting what God says without argument.

Imagine if the Israelite soldiers decided to argue with God’s instructions as the were encamped near Jericho’s walls. Would the great, unconquerable structure ever have tumbled? No. If Israel had decided to attack, they would have been destroyed. Instead, they had faith. Even though God’s commands were seemingly ludicrous (circle the city, blow a trumpet and shout), they accepted what God said and did so without argument. And because they did, they won (Joshua 6). Why did they win? Because their faith motivated them to obey.

Imagine if Naaman had not stopped arguing when he was told how to get rid of his leprosy. He was told “go dip in the Jordan river seven times.” At first he scoffed, wondering why God’s prophet couldn’t just heal him right then and there; and if there had to be water, why not any of the closer rivers and streams. Why Jordan? Why seven times? Why why why? The longer he argued the longer his leprosy lingered. Once he stopped arguing and accepted God’s commands he was healed (2 Kings 5). Why was he healed, because his (eventual) faith motivated him to obey.

Imagine all the people in the world who refuse to obey Jesus’ commands. He tells them to believe and be baptized to be saved, yet people refuse. Why? Because they don’t have faith. Which is why Jesus says the faithless will be condemned (Mark 16:16). Stop arguing about how silly the command is and do it. Have faith: Accept God’s commands. Stop arguing about why this or why that and just do it. Accept God’s commands. Once you do you’ll be saved (Acts 2:38).

That’s what faith is: Accepting God’s commands without arguing.