We move out this Friday.

That’s a crazy thought. We’ve been in our house in Guy since early 2012 and before a few months ago there was never a thought in my head that we’d live anywhere else Nevertheless, here we are.

We’ve been saying a lot of goodbyes over the past few weeks. Just this past weekend we had a bunch of young people from Conway and Vilonia over—friends that we’d made through church and church camp—to say goodbye to them.

The Gospel Gathering is this week at the R&C building. That’ll provide another opportunity to say goodbye to some preacher friends. Of course the last Sunday of this month (the 29th) is my last Sunday as the preacher here, and will be the big goodbye to the congregation…although technically I will be here the rest of that week, teaching class on Wednesday even. My last day is Thursday, August 2nd.

There have been a lot of goodbyes and there will be more, and it’s not getting any easier to say them. But I take comfort in knowing we all belong to the same spiritual family, and whether you worship in Guy, in Conway, in Vilonia, in Batesville, or anywhere else, if you’re my brothers and sisters, there really is no need to say goodbye because sooner or later we’ll all see each other again.

And that does make things a bit easier.