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Tonight will bring us the fifth evening in our annual Gospel Crusade. Last night we heard a powerful sermon from God’s Word, presented to us by my hero David Riley (preacher for the brethren that meet at the Mars Hill congregation in Vilonia). David spoke to us about Jesus being obedient and how being obedient means giving our “all” to God and not thinking of ourselves. Jesus certainly did that!

In the garden of Gethsemane Jesus offered a famous prayer, expressing His anxiety about the upcoming crucifixion, He asks the Father if there is any way to avoid having to endure the cross. His request is not a betrayal of His obedient nature, for He says “not my will but Thine be done.” Jesus is not stating His refusal to submit; He is merely asking the Father if there is another path to take that He could submit to instead.

Listen to the pain in His words as He prays…

Matthew’s account reads (26:39): “Father if it is possible, let this cup pass away”
Mark writes it as (14:36): “Father take this cup away from me”
Luke words it (22:42): “Remove this cup from me”

In fact when you read the texts together, the picture is clear that Jesus did not utter one prayer, but instead offered many variations on the same request. The first time He speaks (in Matthew), it is passive: “let this cup pass…”  Mark records Jesus praying in a more direction way: “take this cup…”  Luke offers the most emphatic statement, where Jesus is practically pleading “remove this cup…!”

Despite all of that, Jesus did the most incredible thing after the prayer.

He got up (Luke 22:45).

Judas and those with him were approaching to arrest Jesus and begin the agonizing process for which He had just prayed and asked for a way of escape. The Father had given Him the answer: His Will was for Jesus to do. Jesus knew it too. And when the time came, Jesus got up and faced it.

He was obedient!
Aren’t you thankful?!