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 When it comes to easy-to-remember sayings in religion, the refrain “What Would Jesus Do” is among the more famous. Starting in the 1990’s the expression—condensed simply to WWJD—was printed on t-shirts and wrist bands, it was plastered on billboards and even a few commercials. It was—and is—a wonderful rallying cry for anyone, of any age, who is enduring a temptation. The one in trouble needs only to ask himself “What would Jesus do in this
situation” and, assuming he is studied in the Bible, the answer should become apparent.

Today, some 20 years removed from the heyday of “WWJD,” the culture of our land has drastically deteriorated. Morality and decency is even less prevalent than it was in those days, and even among so-called “religious kids” there is no guarantee that they know The Book. Without a proper Bible understanding, how can a troubled person answer the question “What would Jesus do?” When faced with a temptation or some challenge, the uninformed is left to guess and hope and rely on his own intuition. This is not how God intended us to deal with the problems of this life.

Instead of asking “What Would” Jesus do, we—the people of God—seek to inform the uninformed what exactly Jesus did. We preach the Gospel of “do what” Jesus did. We state the facts as the Bible describes them and help those who do not know the answers find the Truth in God’s Word. If we all “do what Jesus did” we would not only have the answers to our own individual struggles, we would also be united around the same faith and have the same fellowship with God. This is what Jesus desires (John 17) and if we do what He did we can achieve it.

Join us at the Donald W. Reynolds Performance Hall, on the campus of the University of Central Arkansas for a week of Bible study concerning our Master and Guide. Six preachers from the central Arkansas area will present sermons focused on informing us about the life of Christ, as well as challenging us to “Do What Jesus Did.”

You can find a list of speakers and topics below. You can also visit our YouTube page ( for videos of sermons and singing from past years’ Crusades.

SUNDAY  “HE PREACHED UNITY”  –Bill Green, Harrison & Willow (Conway, Ar)

MONDAY  “HE OVERCAME GRIEF AND SORROW”  –Glen Elliott, Greenbrier, Ar

TUESDAY  “HE DEMONSTRATED LOVE”  –Scott Roderick, Oak (El Paso, Ar)

WEDNESDAY  ”HE WAS OBEDIENT”  –David Riley, Mars Hill (Vilonia, Ar)

THURSDAY  “HE ENDURED TEMPTATION”  –Steve Norris, Robinson & Center (Conway, Ar)

FRIDAY  “HE PICKED UP HIS CROSS”  –Charles Bane, Harding St. (Morrilton, Ar)

Each night begins at 7pm with congregational singing and the night’s sermon to follow at around 7:30. We dismiss at around 8:00-8:15pm.

We hope to see you July 13-18. God bless.