We’re nearing the end of our series looking at the lyrics to the song “A Song and a Christmas Tree” (Andy Williams’ spin on “Twelve Days of Christmas”). You can take each of the twelve gifts given in the song and find spiritual application.

The ninth gift given is “a guardian angel.”

Jews of old believed that God assigned a particular angel for each person He created. This angel would be the one tasked with doing the bidding of God with respect to that individual.

It is thought that this is what the disciples were alluding to when Rhoda came to tell them that Peter had been freed from prison (Acts 12). The Christians assumed Peter would be killed so when Rhoda said “he’s outside, knocking to come in!” they replied “that’s not Peter; that’s his angel” (Acts 12:15). The Christians thought that God had sent an angel to deliver news concerning Peter. They thought He had sent “Peter’s angel.”

From that belief in appointed-angels, the idea of “guardian angels” developed. The idea was that God sent angels to protect us and care for us at moments when we needed help (and, presumably, remembered to pray to God for help).

That’s a comforting thought, and even though there is no specific verse or text in the Bible that spells that out, it’s not an idea that’s totally out in left field. God is a guardian of our lives, and does answer our prayers with help in times of need, and does send His angels to do His bidding. Putting it all together makes the idea of a “guardian angel” very plausible.

While I can’t say for sure if each person has an assigned, guardian angel, I can promise, with certainty, that God is guarding us and that He will care for us in this life, and for eternity hereafter.