Our Vacation Bible School was a tremendous success. We had attendance numbers of 90, 110 and 100 which averages to almost double what we had in years past.

I’m so thankful for all the hard work that so many put into the event. Those who decorated, prepared food, cleaned up the building and taught our classes are real spiritual heroes. Work was needed to be done and it was done without complaining or grumbling. Thank you all.

A special thank you to Clay Blake, Jason Almond, Allan Myers, David Riley, Bret McGohan and Mickey Burleson who taught our teens and adults throughout the week. Nothing but high praise was given to each of them. I could all of them as my friends, and some among my best of friends. They are all great soldiers of the cross.

Finally a big thanks to YOU who came and participated. If you missed out on being with us, there’s always next year (Lord willing), but if you can’t wait till then, our FRIENDS AND FAMILY DAY/HOMECOMING SUNDAY is just around the corner. It’ll be August 24th. Join us then as we hope to have a full house!


God bless,