The Apostle Paul once spoke of a “door of opportunity” that had been opened for him to do a good work for the Lord (1 Corinthians 16:9).

Often we try to make our own doors so that we can walk through them on our own timetables, following our own plans. And sometimes God lets us do that; we are beings with free will after all. But other times, God has a plan for us and He will open a door for us to enter through.

It’s important for us to have eyes of faith that can see these doors so that we can do the things God wants for us.

In that same verse, Paul also mentions “many adversaries” whose job it is–being sent by Satan–to block those doors, make the way through those doors hard and make us feel like going through them is “not worth it.” We need to hold up faith’s lamp and let the light of the Gospel shine onto those adversaries. Satan’s minions flee from the light of God’s Word. Use it as a guide and as a repellent of evil, and the doors that God opens for you will be made clear.

And then, once the way is clear and the door is opened, we have to have the faith that God did not open the door for us just to watch us stumble through it. He opened it because He knows you can go through, face the opportunity head-on, and not just survive but thrive, becoming a stronger Christian than you were before.

Do you see the doors of opportunity He’s opened for you? If so…don’t be scared: Walk in!