According to Jesus, there will be a judgment.

According to Jesus, the righteous will be eternally separated from the unrighteous.

According to Jesus, the measuring stick and the reason for the separation will be based on how we have lived and served in this life.

According to Jesus, not everyone who calls Him “Lord” will enjoy eternal bliss.

According to Jesus, the majority will be lost forever.

And when that judgment day comes…I will be shocked.

I will be shocked because there will be some that I thought were righteous but were in fact hiding secret sins.

I will be shocked because some that I knew years ago and who I assumed had continued to live faithful lives actually fell away and stopped serving as they should.

I will be shocked because some who I thought were in the family of faithful few were in fact in the perilous palms of the prince of perdition.

I will be shocked because I will hear a friend’s name called but I will not hear “enter in” soon after. Instead I will hear “depart from Me.”

I will be shocked.

Will it be your name I hear?