(October 4th) Act like God

Here’s a radical thought to consider…

Imagine how instantly improved the world would be if everyone acted like God!

That doesn’t happen, unfortunately. Instead of everyone acting like God, everyone acts like they are God. People make rules, cast judgment, carry out vengeance, etc. Everyone acts like they are God. We should trying acting like God.

In other words, we should try being godly. We should do the things that are like God that God calls us to be: merciful, kind, patient, loving, forgiving, true, honest, fair, and on and on the list goes.

Obviously, the world isn’t going to stop being the Devil’s playground. So here’s a more realistic proposal: Imagine how instantly improved the world would be if God’s people acted like God.

I say that because a lot of my brethren are hung up acting like they are God. They make rules where God has not. Condemned what God has condoned, condoned what God has condemned, etc. We’d do well for ourselves as the church of Jesus Christ if we actually acted like Jesus Christ.

If we did–all of God’s people did that–the world would be so much improved!

Let’s give it a shot!

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