dont be that guy

I’m thankful for Wednesday night Bible study.

Now granted, my nose is in a Bible on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday anyway, but those are the things I study for myself.

I’m thankful for Wednesday night studies, because those are the things I study with my family in Christ. I’m thankful to have a time set aside for me and my brothers and sisters to sit down together and draw closer to God through a better understanding of His word.

It’s not because I’m a preacher that I would never miss a Wednesday night study. It’s because I love His word and I love my church family and Wednesday night is when both of those things collide like heavenly peanut butter and chocolate.

I’ll never understand the ones who could make the time to be there but don’t. All I know is I’ll never miss one as long as I’m able.

Thank the Lord for Wednesday nights.