Lookit, I have no idea what this picture is supposed to convey. I’m just going to run with it.

How many gods would you need to equal one Jehovah? Think of all the gods the Babylonians had, or the Assyrians, or the Egyptians. Sennacherib, the ruler of Assyria who tried to destroy Jerusalem, was said to have mocked God’s people for believing they could resist him with only one God in their arsenal. He reasoned that since he had overthrown kingdoms with dozens of gods, that he could easily overthrow a city protected by just one.

But when it comes to gods, it’s not the quantity, it’s the quality that counts. So you can bring before the God of the universe all the lords and gods you want, they can prance around and leap all over the place. They can put on a show and convince a gullible pagan that they can save him from trouble. In the end they are nothing compared to the Lord. He’s worth more than ten or ten thousand false gods, leaping or otherwise.