The sound of the piper signals for those within earshot to converge. The Pied Piper of folklore used his flute to lead children to their deaths and since then the sound of the pipe has become synonymous with blindly following a leader.

This world has no more skilled leader than the devil himself. Countless souls have followed his pipe and marched foolishly to their eternal doom. Paul calls the Devil the god of this world, and credits him with blinding the hearts and minds of people away from the glories of God (2 Corinthians 4:4).

With so many being lead astray, what are the righteous few to do? We can sound the bells of Christendom even louder. We can play the pipes of peace and the blow the trumpets of goodwill toward men. Victory is in Jesus, and though the majority are not listening, there are those who will turn from darkness to light when they hear the Gospel call.

We just need to ring the message out.