(November 16th) Five Reasons to Be Thankful [part three]

With one week to go until Thanksgiving, we’ve been counting down some things everyone should be thankful for. Me personally, I’ve very thankful that I have a loving family to call my own.

My wife is the glue that holds us all together, our three boys are unique and unpredictable in their own ways, and I’m pretty awesome too. Yep, we’re doing okay and things are just swell, compared to some people in this world.

And that’s the thing I have to remind myself: Though things are sometimes hard and stressful, not everyone in the world has the blessings I have. As the saying goes “someone out there is happy with less than what you have.” I can’t let my blessings turn into entitlement. I am richly blessed, but like Job, everything could come crashing down at any moment. That doesn’t mean I should live in fear or paranoia, but instead that I should be daily grateful for what I have. I am.

Are you?

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