Who doesn’t love winning an argument. There’s nothing like it.

There’s no shame in being right, though sometimes the one who is wrong will try and act like there is. On the contrary, it’s good to be right. In my experience, being right all the time is the best way to avoid losing an argument (that’s a joke!).

The point is, while it’s good to be right, there’s something else you need to consider: You can be right in the wrong way. Listen to Paul…

But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:

Ephesians 4:15

If we forget to be right with a loving heart, then our being right isn’t going to lead anyone who is wrong to follow us on the paths of “rightness.”

If you see someone going the wrong way and you insult them and berate them and tell them how stupid they are for going “this way” when they should be going “that way” it’s very likely that they will choose to continue going the wrong way, just to avoid giving you the satisfaction of “being right.”

Too many Christians use their knowledge of the Bible to make sinners feel inferior. We ought to be using the Bible to show sinners the way to salvation. When we, instead, hit people over the head with God’s Word and act like smug superiors because we know the Truth and they’re still being misled by the Devil then we are no better off than the sinners themselves.

We ought to know the Bible. We ought to ensure we are doing right in the sight of God. But our heart has to be right too.

So examine the Bible. Be right.

But not in the wrong way.