guyI’m excited for Sunday, how ’bout you?!

This Lord’s day the church which meets in Guy will assemble at 10am for Bible classes and then gather at 11am for worship in song, prayer, communion and a lesson from God’s Word.

The sermon this Sunday is entitled “Kingdoms of God and Man.” We’re going to be looking at how man frequently builds without God’s guidance (and sometimes without even His permission) and how those buildings always fail. From the tower of Babel to great empires of history, man builds and those buildings fail. God, on the other hand, has built a kingdom which will last forever.

That’s our topic for Sunday. Why not join us and be blessed by worshiping with us?

Sunday night is our monthly questions and answers time and we have three interesting questions to consider. If you have a Bible question, stop by and leave it in the box in our foyer. We have Q&A every third Sunday evening. Join us at 6pm for the next one.

See you then!