(March 6th) God is rarely convenient

Pro tip: If you are ever faced with the proverbial fork in the road, and one path is “easy”…


If you’re ever in a situation where you wonder if it’s okay to do something, and you say to yourself “if I do ____, it would sure be more convenient…”


Rarely is it ever the case where God gives you the easy way out. Rarely is it ever the case where you find yourself in a situation, being perfectly comfortable in the world, without any impetus to grow (which is often painful), and everything actually and truly be hunky-dory.

The Devil is very good and making us confuse “complacent” with “content.”

COMPLACENT means we’re relaxing, not a care in the world, without any desire to rock the boat.
CONTENT means things are hard, life is not easy, struggles are happening all over but we’re not going to let them hinder our relationship with God.

Be content no matter what, but also BEWARE: If things around you are conveniently easy, you might have wandered away from God without realizing it.


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