CrossEvery Lord’s Day God’s people gather to worship Him. We gather on Sunday because that is the day He rose. That is the day when His people came together for worship in the first century, so that is the day His people come together in the twenty-first century.

That said, this weekend coincides with the Passover holiday. It was then that God saved the Israelite people from Egyptian bondage when He sent death to come into the land. Those who covered their homes with the blood of a lamb, saw death “pass over” them. Those that were not covered in the blood, saw their first born sons die. As a result of this plague, Pharaoh let the people go and from then on, every year, God’s people remembered that passing-over, by eating the meal they ate as death came to the camp: fruit of the vine and unleavened bread.

Thousands of years later, Jesus gathered with His disciples and broke the bread and drank the wine, and instructed His disciples to think of the bread as His body, soon to be broken for them, and to think of the wine as His blood, soon to be shed for them. After that, He led them to the Garden where He prayed, was arrested, tried and convicted, beaten and crucified. He was then placed in a tomb and on Sunday…He rose!

EVERY Sunday we celebrate that resurrection, but this Sunday marks the actual day on the calendar when it happened. Let that be an extra motivation for you to gather with God’s people to worship Him. We will have a special class at 10am in the auditorium as I’ll be teaching on Jesus’ crucifixion. Our sermon at 11am is entitled “The Old Rugged Cross.”

Join us, won’t you? You won’t regret it!