(June 4th) I have something scary to share with you…


…prepare yourself:

20% of everything I have ever taught is wrong.

The problem is I don’t know which 20% it is.

You see we all have biases, and we all have things that we think are right but are not right and we have no idea to even think that they may not be right.

Sure there are some things we can look at and say “I think it means this…” and teach what we think, knowing that it may not be right. But sometimes we teach it, absolutely certain we are right when in fact we are not. And that’s kind of a scary thought isn’t it?

We have these subconscious biases and they affect what we know and how we interpret information. That’s why it’s important never to take what you hear at face value. Always do your own research. Always do your own fact checking. And on the other side of the coin, always be open to listen when someone says “Hey you have that wrong…” because the fact is, YOU COULD. And you might have no idea, you may never even have ever considered the possibility that you were wrong about that one thing. And you very well might have been.

Because none of us is perfect, but God’s Word is. Maybe we can study together, and together find out what is right.

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