Based on my facebook feed: Everybody’s mad because they think their country (or, better put, the leaders of the country) has given up on God.

Newsflash: this country (her leaders) never loved God. This country has always been run by sinners. Occasionally our leaders were sinners who tried to offer up a few laws that jived with God’s word, but usually it was either too little or not enough or both.

America is not a Christian nation. She never has been. She’s a nation with Christians, sure, but that doesn’t make her a Christian nation. If she was, she’d outlaw lying or adultery or unfaithful attendance or any number of other sins people commit.

America is not God’s nation.

The church is.

America is a nation of sinners, with a few saints scattered like salt across her landscape. Same with England, Spain, India, China, Russia, etc.

Based on my facebook feed: People are more bothered by the affairs of their country than they are the affairs of the church. They are too quick to talk about what’s going on in the White House, yet could not care less what’s going on in the church house. They won’t miss an episode of The O’Reilly Factor, but I’ve never seen them attend a Wednesday night Bible study.

Lets get our own spiritual houses in order, then we can talk about this world around us (which is not our home anyway).