No one likes overly opinionated people. I say that, knowing full well that we all have opinions. The problem comes when we don’t know when not to share our opinions. Usually that happens when we see something we don’t like. No one has a problem with you jumping into a conversation by saying “Oh I love that…” but when you just. can’t. help. yourself. and you jump in with “Oh no I hate that, let me tell you why…” or when you say “Oh no, that’s not good, you shouldn’t do that, I’ll tell you why…” that’s when we got problems.

When you try to make a law out of your opinions you become the Judge and Jury, determining how and if someone is doing bad by your own standard of right and wrong. This is unbiblical and unchristian. If I make myself my brother’s judge, I will stand one day before the judgment seat of Christ, and I will give an answer for how I have judged others.

Jesus says that if I judge others, I will be judged based on the standard I imposed on others (Matthew 7:1-2). And since I am not perfect, and there have been times when I have condemned something that I myself have done, I will be found guilty for hypocrisy (Matthew 7:3-5).

Lesson to learn: Keep your opinions to yourself. If you want to offer something constructive, that’s one thing. If you’re just a hobby-horse riding crusader, well…that’s something else.