The title should be read aloud with a kind of surprise and confusion in the inflexion. Sort of a “The platypus?!” kind of tone.

Yes the platypus: God’s little misfit.  What place does a creature such as this have in our bulletin, you ask?

The answer:  It is perhaps one of the evolutionist’s biggest headaches.

After all, if this animal believed in evolution, he would have a hard time telling his friends what creature from which he evolved.

Did he evolve from a duck?  It does have a bill. Did he evolve from a bear?  He does have fur.  Or maybe a simple fish?  He does swim.  Could it be the beaver?  He has an odd flat tail.  No no, it must be the frog — the webbed feet give it away!  Maybe he came from the bird, seeing as how he lives in a nest.

Did he come from a turtle?  He does lay similar looking eggs.  No, it couldn’t have been a turtle, because Platypus’ feed their young like mammals.  Oh I know! It was the chicken! After all, it does have a spur (the long claw on the back of the foot), just like a chicken.  Also it shoots poison from its feet…uh…just like a…just like no creature I’ve ever heard of!

Where did this creature originate?  No one animal will claim it as its own.  Though some try to say man came from ape, and little lizards came from great dinosaurs, they still have not come up with an answer for this little guy.  Where the evolutionist cannot answer, however, the Bible can.  Genesis 1:21, the Bible says “And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good.”  Who could conceive of such an animal as the platypus?  The same One who put whiskers on the cat-fish, and smell on the skunk:  God.

What is the platypus?  Is he the product of evolution? No.  He is yet another one of God’s unique creatures for us to admire.