We’re a full five days into 2017 and I wonder how many of you are still accidentally writing 2016 on your checks and other important papers? It’s usually until about Valentines Day before I remember what year it is.

I hope you have big plans for your year, but more importantly I hope those plans involve a stronger relationship with God. Here at Guy we have a lot on our calendar in the near future and we hope you’ll be a part of our plans.

At the end of this month, on January 29th, we’re having a Community Day, where all of the Guy, Northern Greenbrier, and other surrounding areas are invited to join us for worship and a meal. We’ll have Bible class at 10am and worship at 11am, like always, but we’ll also enjoy a big fellowship meal together and dismiss after worshiping that afternoon. We hope it will be a big Sunday that will fill the house so do your part to invite your neighbors and friends!

In addition we started earlier this week our monthly PM series that will take us through the entirety of the year. On the first Sunday night of each month we’re going to be considering “Bible Character Word Association.” Essentially we’ll be picking out a major character from the Bible and examining one word that defines that person. In January we considered “God,” and the associating word “Sovereign.” Next month is “Adam” and the word “Sin.” In March we’ll look at “Satan” and “Adversary.” The series will stretch from the beginning of the Bible to the end, with the final study coming in December, looking at “John” and the word “Love.” Make plans to be here each Sunday night (we also enjoy a Second Sunday Singing, as well as a third Sunday Questions & Answers, and one of our men always speaks on the fourth Sunday); they’re a great source of spiritual encouragement.

Jesse Ellison is in the middle of a great class on Sunday mornings, at 10am, going through the book of Joshua. I’m teaching a class right now on Wednesday nights, at 7pm, going verse by verse through the letters of James, Peter, John and Jude (we’re halfway through 1 Peter right now). Both of these classes are well worth your time.

I hope you have a lot of fun and enriching things on the horizon this year, but as you make your plans I hope you remember to include God in them, and plan to grow in knowledge of His Word. There’s no better place to do just that than with the church of Christ in Guy!