Join us at Guy Church of Christ meeting house, this Sunday, for a special morning of worship and fellowship.

Jesus tells us to love our neighbors (Matthew 19:19) and we want to live up to His great command. This Sunday, January 29th, we will be hosting you—our community members—to great singing ,Bible study, communion with God and a meal provided by the members of the church here at Guy.

Maybe you’ve noticed, over the years, how communities are becoming more isolated, with locked doors and closed curtains. The days of walking over to your neighbor’s house to borrow sugar seem to be far behind us. But we believe that those days do not have to be gone for good. We believe our communities—this community!—is home to people who love God, country and neighbor. We want to serve you, get to know you better, and work toward making our communities the open and inviting neighborhoods that they have the potential to be!

Visit us this Sunday and be a part of our great day!

If you are part of our community, or even if you are just within traveling distance to us (everyone is our neighbor, after all, according to Luke 10:29-37), please accept this invitation to be a part of our Community Day. Our Bible class is at 10am and our worship is at 11am. After we worship we will sit down and enjoy a delicious meal together, because we believe there’s no better way to express fellowship and unity than across from the dinner table.

We would be honored to have you!