12540959_549010599541_7872521602944838552_n This is a picture that is floating around facebook. It is shamefully wrong and those who peddle it (in this case, the pagan denomination “united churches of christ”) will give an account of their actions before God.

They have the nerve to say that the Bible is occasionally wrong. I’d challenge them to tell me where and when, because they and I must be reading different Bibles.

There are so-called holy books that are filled with error, but there is a Book that is 100% all right. It is a brilliant guide and all-knowing. Period.

In an age where people are reading their Bible’s less and less and are instead “taking the preacher’s word for it” we need to be reminded that the final authority on all spiritual matters is not your local preacher or pastor. Our final authority is the Holy Spirit-inspired text of God’s Word.

Anything less is just a pale imitation and is not just occasionally wrong, it is all wrong!