I go out of town for one week and I come back to this…

Actually, though many would have come upon this sight with terror, for me it was a great relief. The back tire on the church van had been flat for months and, since I never needed to drive it during the winter months, I kept putting off getting it fixed. Thankfully a few young men took the lead while I was away and hopefully as I type the tire is getting repaired to be good as new.

This is where I segue smoothly and nonchalantly.

It is often easier to ignore a problem and leave it unfixed than it is to stop everything and take care of it. Whether we just don’t want to deal with the difficulty, or we would rather pretend there isn’t a problem at all than admit it, many people leave their troubles unresolved.

God tells us to cast our cares upon Him because He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7). He doesn’t expect us to fix our problems on our own because He knows we didn’t cause them on our own. We had help getting our flat tires in life; the devil put nails in the road. So if we had Satan’s help to get in our messes, then why not take God’s help to get out of them? And if God is greater than Satan (which He is) then you can be sure that He won’t help you to be good as new, He’ll make you better than ever!