Today is our first full day in Washington D.C.

We plan to explore museums, and other sites around town and hopefully not walk our poor kids to death.

But as much fun as we plan on having today we haven’t forgotten about tonight. My friend Jonah is chief of staff to one of our state’s congressmen and he and his good wife will be picking us up at our hotel this evening to drive us to Bible class in Northern Virginia. We are on vacation, but we’re always Christians and we love studying God’s word and gathering with fellow saints no matter where we are. We’ll be there, not because I’m a preacher or because there’s nothing else to do, or because we feel obligated. No: We’ll be there because we want to be there. We’ll be there because it’s our life. It’s as normal to us as eating dinner.

When you go on vacation, you plan on packing the right clothes and you pick out the restaurants you want to try out. Those are normal—usual—things to do. Finding a place to assemble with saints is just as “usual” for God’s people.

I hope you’ll be in Bible class, somewhere, this evening too!

Don’t forget COMMUNITY DAY is Sunday, January 29th. Invite as many friends, family and neighbors as is humanly possible! We’ll enjoy a meal after morning worship too, don’t forget to mention that!