This week, many of (soon-to-be) President Donald Trump’s cabinet picks are on Capital Hill, being grilled by senators to determine whether or not they are qualified to serve as the heads of the various departments that shape our government.

Though it is the people who elect the President, it is Congress (specifically the Senate) who votes to confirm or deny the appointment of the President’s various cabinet officials.

These would-be office-holders must answer questions about their past as well as give (sworn) testimony about their plans for the future. If they meet the approval of the Senate, they will be confirmed by a vote and begin their work on January 20th.

It makes me very glad that I do not have to stand before a jury of my peers to determine whether or not I am fit to enter into eternal paradise.

My Father in Heaven will either confirm or deny me, by the word of His Son. If I have confessed Jesus then He will confess me. If I have denied Jesus then He will deny me (Matthew 10:32-33). If I have not obeyed Jesus then He will cast me out from His presence, but if I have been faithful to Him then I will enter in to my reward (Matthew 25:31-46).

I’m thankful it is God who makes those decisions, and not man. Men or fickle. Men are petty. Men hold grudges. Men are biased.

I know I’m not perfect. I have mistakes in my past and mistakes that I will make in my future. I’m thankful that God, through Christ’s blood, forgives my past, and has instructed me on how to be faithful in my future. Because of that, I know when my great day of confirmation comes, the Lord will call my name and I will enter into life forevermore.