Simple question: Are you using God or is God using you?

People tend to live their lives the way they want to live them. Even Christians do this, despite the fact that were are supposed to have put that mentality to death.

We were supposed to have put to death the “me first” life. When we rose from the watery grave we were supposed to be “God first” people, but old habits are hard to break. Sometimes we try to justify doing things that we want to do (which God may not want us to do) by twisting God’s words around to satisfy our conscience.

People who pluck verses and selectively use concepts from the Bible to suit their wants and desires, are people not willing to let God lead them. They want to lead God. They want God in their lives, but only behind them. They want Him around, when the going gets tough, but the rest of the time He should stay in their back pocket.

People like that are not living “resurrected” lives. They are not living “born again” lives. They are trying to be people of the world with all the benefits of being children of the Lord. It doesn’t work that way, however. God is supposed to be using us, not the other way around. And when He uses us, we’re naturally going to be opposed to much of what the world offers, how the world sees things, what the world does, how the world solves problems, what the world is upset by and what the world is okay with.

Don’t use God. Let God use you to be a light that shines against this world.