Today is the day set-aside in our country to honor George Washington’s birthday.

And also Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.

And, depending on which state you are in when you read this, possibly today celebrates everyone who has been elected president.

In Virginia this day is known as “Washington’s Day” while other states call it “Washington and Lincoln Day” in honor of those two highly-regarded figures.

In Arkansas we just call it “President’s Day”  (note the position of the apostrophe, implying we celebrate only one president, but which one is up to the individual, I suppose).

Washington was actually born on February 11th…although that’s not very cut-and-dry either. Washington was born under British Colonial Rule, and back then the Colonies had not yet adopted the Gregorian Calendar that we use today (and which other European nations had adopted as early as the 1500’s). Nevermind all that; it’s around his birthday, so it’s close enough. Lincoln’s birthday is February 12th, if you were wondering. and that is according to the calendar we all use today.

Many people are off work, many students are out of school. If you are among them, enjoy your day but give your day to the Lord. He is the King of Kings President of Presidents, after all. He rules greater, fairer, better than all others who have ever sat in the Oval Office, or who ever will.