I know it’s Coca Cola that markets itself as “the real thing” (and I know the title is a Marvin Gaye song) but I never liked Coca Cola and if you ask me “Barry White > Marvin Gaye.”

I’m a Dr. Pepper man, through and through.

So you can imagine my frustration when I go to a restaurant and ask for a Dr. Pepper and am told by the waiter or waitress “is Mr. Pibb okay?” or even worse “we have Root Beer!”

No. Is a slap in the face okay? Do you have a slap in the face? Cause that’s what you’re offering me right now.

Root beer. Honestly, people.

When you want something you don’t want a knock-off. You want the genuine article. You want the sweet sweet texture of 23 distinct flavors found in each sip of refreshing Dr. Pepper.

You don’t want Mr. Pibb. He’s not even a DOCTOR!

The Lord warned us of this (Matthew 7:15). He said that there would be those who promised good things, talked a good game, and even looked like good people. He said they would offer everything you thought you wanted. And when you hear what they have to offer, you’ll think “this all sounds too good to be true…”

And that’s exactly what it is: Too good to be true.

False teachers can only offer lies. It’s right there in the name: FALSE teacher. If you want what’s truly good you can only find it with the real source of goodness: You need God and thankfully, God is SO good and offers SO much, that if you have God you have ALL you need. You don’t need anything else.

The Devil only knows how to dress up and pretend to be an angel of light. Christ IS the light. Turn to Him, not the pretender.

Cause there ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby.