No one ever goes to Jesus and leaves Him happy. I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out. Either a person goes to Jesus and leaves angry, disappointed, frustrated, etc, or a person goes to Him and never leaves Him again.

A lot of people approached Jesus, asking Him questions, seeking to know more about Him. And when they got an up close look at Him they went away from Him, disappointed that He wasn’t what they wanted Him to be.

They wanted someone who would make them feel good about them, despite their sins. They wanted someone who would punish their enemies and place them on a pedestal. They wanted someone like them.

Instead they found someone sinless, pure, merciful, loving and kind.  Those who were looking for that in a Master found in Him exactly what they wanted. Those are the ones who never left Him.


No one ever leaves Jesus happy. Either you leave Him upset, or you never leave Him at all.

What will it be for you?