Maybe for you, this Christmas was cold and snow-filled. If so that’s great!

For those of us in central Arkansas, the weather was more akin to Easter than Christmas.

We played outside on Christmas afternoon in nothing more than jeans and short-sleeve shirts.

The next day was even more un-winterlike. We played outside in shorts!

On the one hand we regret not being able to enjoy a White Christmas, although we haven’t had one of those around here in about four years. On the other hand, it has been nice not having to worry about running up the electric bill with the heater going non-stop.

Unseasonable temperatures are as old as the planet earth. They just happen sometimes and we always look back on them as either pleasant or bizarre diversions from the norm. Before too long the winter weather will feel wintery and we’ll all be pining for “that one week around Christmas when it wasn’t freezing!”

As Christmas comes to a close and New Years approaches, it is common for many people to drop the pleasantries and return to acting like spoiled brats. The polite smiles, the friendly little chats in line at the supermarket, the hand-waves that let cars go ahead of them in busy traffic—all of it will be a thing of the past…until December 1, 2017 rolls around.

For those people, they are seasonally nice. We should be nice all of the time, but for these people, they act right for one month out of the year (and some for only a week…and some for only a day!).

What they don’t realize is, if everyone acted like they do on Christmas time all the time, then everyone would be happy, polite, patient and considerate. It may seem weird for some people to be kind in the middle of January, or June or October, but give it a try: Be unseasonably kind and see the difference it will have in your life!