We’re in the midst of a series looking at the lyrics to the song “A Song and a Christmas Tree” (Andy Williams’ spin on “Twelve Days of Christmas”). You can take each of the twelve gifts given in the song and find spiritual application.

The fifth gift given is “a shining star” which, depending on your personal preference, might be sitting atop your Christmas tree right now. Some put an angel on top, others a big red bow. Some…well…

Everyone’s entitled to their opinions.

The star has great spiritual significance but unlike the candy cane or the holy plant, this one is a little more obvious. The magi from the east who came to visit the newborn Jesus were led to Him by a star in the sky. This was obviously a supernatural occurrence as it led them directly to the place where the child was kept. Nevertheless that star—often called “The Bethlehem Star”—is the origin of the shining star that caps many a-Christmas tree every December.

Now you don’t have to regard Christmas as the celebration of the birth of Jesus, but even if you don’t you still better be thankful He was born. Because without His birth He does not live, and without His life He does not die. And without His death we can not live. We should all (and always) be thankful for the star that signaled the arrival of our King.