I’m excited to invite you to join us on Sunday morning, 10am, for a special class in our auditorium. I will be teaching a study entitled “Back to the Basics.” The material will be varied, with over twenty topics to be considered. This is the kind of material that potential Christian needs to know, that new Christians need to understand, and that long-time Christians need to be reminded of. As it stands now, here is the list of topics I will be teaching:

01__God exists
02__The nature of God
03__The Bible is from God
04__Prophesies about Jesus
05__Biblical criticisms
06__Angels, demons, witches and such like
07__How to understand the Bible
08__Types and anti-types
09__What is the church of Christ – Biblically
10__What is the church of Christ – historically
11__What is the church of Christ – contrastingly
12__A little bit of Greek, and how it can help
13__Why do we…
14__Why don’t we…
15__Heaven, the church, eternal life now and forever
17__How to grow a local congregation
19__What is NOT Salvation
20__Salvation according to Scripture
21__Can we trust our translations?
22__Just the FAQs ma’am
23__Stages of conversion

I have no doubt that many of these classes will take multiple weeks to cover. We may only need a week to discuss, say “Types and Anti-Types” but we might need two or three to talk about “worship.” These are the kinds of studies that hopefully will allow for questions, comments, a strong seeking of the Truth and, ultimately, a greater trust in God. Invite your friends and neighbors. Tell them to bring an open Bible and an open mind!

One thing I hope to accomplish with this class is to get away from the mentality that we sometimes have in our formal Bible studies together, where, if a person asks a question or makes a comment that might be out of touch with Scripture, brethren can sometimes jump down that person’s throat. That person making the comment is not (necessarily) a false teacher trying to lead souls away from God. More than likely he or she is just an honest seeker of Truth, who may not have it quite right. Instead of attacking that person and making them feel bad about being wrong wrong wrong, we should say “well that’s interesting, let’s see what the Bible says about that…” and leading them into being right right right.

I hope we can create that kind of an atmosphere in this class. And I hope you will be there this Sunday when it starts.

See you then!