By know you’ve probably heard about the scandal concerning Planned Parenthood, the organization which specializes in abortions. Undercover video has surfaced, showing employees to be bartering with prospective buyers who might wish to sell limbs and organs on the black market.

In other words, these people were putting a value on the individual parts of an aborted child, while also holding the thought in their minds that the sum of those parts should not be considered a life.

It is a shameful thing to read about and the shame reaches multiple levels. That a barbaric organization such as this exists in the first place is a discredit to humanity, though its supporters hold it up as one of humanity’s greatest achievements. To these godless people the Planned Parenthood building is their holy temple, abortion is their holiest sacrament and the right to have guilt-free sex with any and everyone is their chiefest doctrine.

I know, because I know God, that He will one day carry out a just sentence against those who have killed so many unborn children. I know he considers the unborn to be alive (Exodus 21:22-23) and I know He frowns on their murders.

But setting Divine judgment aside for a moment, I hope and pray for a solution before the day of final judgment. I hope that our nation will stop turning a blind eye to the obvious truth that these children in the womb are just as precious as the toddlers that bounce on the knees of their daddies. I hope that day will come, and I am actually optimistic that it will.

I read an article not long ago that said millennials (those of us born in the mid-80’s, who came of age around the dawn of the new century and millennium) are more pro-life than the previous generation. Something like a ten percent swing away from the pro-choice movement has occurred.

This is nonsense to the old guard who fought for abortion rights tooth and nail and who still fight for it today. That old generation refuses to believe that the up and coming generation doesn’t see things their way. But that’s always how it goes. Every generation thinks they will be the one to define the world forever, that their positions and opinions will resonate for all time, but every forty years or so the next generation rises up and blazes its own trail.

It would be nice if my generation took a moment to think about abortion and said “no, forget what we were taught; this is murder.”

Until then I’ll keep praying.